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Whip up your budgets, spends, and expenses with TERA Cloud and get real-time insights on the regular bills and purchases taking place throughout your business. Get more transparency and visibility on your business operations to gain more control with TERA Cloud.

From managing the spends, purchasing workflows, tracking your budget to managing approval workflows, TERA Cloud platform has got your back in all scenarios and helps you keep track of your expenses wherever you are. TERA Cloud is an easy-to-use, integrate, secure, and customizable platform that can perfectly assist all sorts of businesses to stay ahead.

Spend Management

Track your spending weekly, monthly or one-off budgets for your teams, departments, projects and so on. You can easily analyze historical budget progress and even gain valuable insights for tracking budget progress in real-time.

OCR Invoice Solution

TERA Cloud provides businesses with an advanced OCR invoice solution that enables you to locate and extract data from invoices. Get through accurate invoice processing and save capital and experience optimal cash flow.

Real-Time Budget Tracking

Stay up-to-date on your budget calendar and experience flexible budgeting while creating daily, weekly, monthly budgets, and a lot more to ensure easy and powerful budget tracking in real-time.

Vendor management

Manage your vendor payments over our simple, user-friendly, secure, and robust cloud-based vendor management system that helps businesses stay updated with their vendor-related payments and other spends.

Purchase to pay solutions

You can record transactions automatically that help you save time and efforts in the long run and you control, automate, and categorize all your payments. You can even capture and automate your payment network completely.

Xperience New Age Banking

  • Connection without complexity
  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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