A tech-enabled financial service built directly into the platform


An online multi-vendor marketplace involves hundreds or maybe thousands of transactions every minute. Now, imagine the online multi - vendor’s team sending payouts manually for every transaction involved. This involves putting in thousands of man hours and results in a mayhem.

How TERA Helps
Address this :

Fortunately, there are many resources in place to automate the fund flow. And Tera is one of them. Tera automates the collection and payout process by offering a controlled flow of funds with Tera payments API. It is highly compliant, secure, which provides instant split payment charging a nominal fee.

Payment Solutions

TERA provides marketplaces with robust and secure payment solutions that facilitate seamless and efficient transactions between buyers and sellers. These solutions enable marketplaces to offer multiple payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers, enhancing convenience and improving the overall user experience.

Expanded Financial Services

TERA APIs integration enables marketplaces to extend their offerings beyond basic transactions. They can provide value-added financial services such as loans, insurance, escrow services, or financial management tools to their users. This expands the scope of services available on the marketplace, increases user engagement, and creates additional revenue streams

TERA Benefits & Features for Market Places

In today's digital age, an easy-to-use finance management platform can significantly benefit small businesses.

Manage entire payment flow as per your business use case

Multiple Bank Accounts

On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services