TeraBiz Cloud

Optimize supply chain

Streamline your entire buying and selling using automated processes.

Enable Marketplaces

Managing B2B and B2C is one on one single platform is a big challenge for Suppliers.TeraBiz offers support for Multi-channel/multi-warehouse and provide control tower capabilities.

Control tower

Instantly enable client portal for B2B and create beautiful B2C portals using single dashboard. Automate Account Receivables by enabling payment options in the portals.

Salesforce Automation

TeraBiz offer connected experience across groups within the organization. With Mobile CRM and Field sales management capabilities, TeraBiz helps businesses stay agile and efficient.

Supplychain Automation

Research shows that company spend significant amount of time, resources and money in sending Indents, receiving purchase order quote, invoices, shipping and payment. TeraBiz can eliminate the manual intervention and reduce your costs exponentially by reducing the buying cycles, cutting supply costs and lower the processing costs


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TeraBiz BizFront

Give your customers access to your stores and product catalog and make them more agile and reward them for being your loyal customer. Using BizFront, you can give access to your customers so that they can skip the red tape and directly purchase and get paid faster. Once you receive and process the order, they can see live updates in the app on the order. They can make the payment right in the app so that you get paid faster..

  • Explore the Network of Suppliers
  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Supplier Catalogues
  • Order Management
  • E-Invoicing

Terabiz Warehouse Management

Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of operations in your own warehouse. Warehouse management software can help you automate the manual processes and create a centralized system for ease of work handling. This is an amazing opportunity for the Manufacturers wholesalers and distributors, merchants, etc.

  • Quicker Inventory Updates
  • Reduces Picking Errors
  • Optimization of Stock Control
  • Complete utilization of Space
  • Increases Productivity, and saves time
  • Transparency in the entire supply chain


In B2C, businessmen are in direct contact with their consumers. Hence they can easily promote their products and give scope for the market to be more engaged with your brand. Today B2C marketing automation landscape has exploded and swept right into every market and it continues to grow. In B2C, keeping a track of sales and data of potential customers is important.

  • Marketing Options
  • Analytics
  • Availability of data
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Low Costs of acquisitions and higher Lifetime Value


Automation in Business Operations is as important for small companies as for the rest. In fact, the advantages it provides such as lower costs, better quality of jobs, and higher efficiency and customer satisfaction proves to be more worth for B2B companies. Benefits include

  • Efficiency of space utilization
  • Scalability
  • Streamlining data interchange and reduced costs
  • Working Round the Clock
  • Prevents malicious activities
  • Improved Compliance

Other TeraBiz Products

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TeraBiz Pro

Enable enterprises to manage and automate procure-to-pay workflows with built-in demand and spend controls.

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TeraBiz Credit

Offer credit based solutions to all businesses with advanced AML and fraud detection capabilities.