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Tera Platform

A unified platform for digital business transformation

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Discover the benefits of the Tera Platform

The Tera Platform empowers businesses to manage finances smarter and improve the quality of financial decisions.

Open, scalable cloud
native platform

Tera’s cloud-native platform uses a microservice architecture, open APIs, and analytics technology to accelerate innovation across a range of use cases.

Security for the enterprise,
from the ground up

Core to the cloud platform are security, compliance, and privacy approaches with enterprise-level standards such as SAML single sign-on, role-based access management, and encryption.

Built with usability and collaboration in mind

Designed for the business user, the Tera Platform facilitates collaboration across all areas of the business through an intuitive user interface.

Intuitive workflows

Use user-friendly web tools to build and design workflows that automate business processes without the need for technical resources. Use workflows to increase speed to outcome across the business.

Reporting & Dashboards

Easily create customizable reports and dashboards.


Connect Tera to your organization’s data ecosystem. Link data sources, applications, data quality tools, and metadata into a single responsive cloud platform to establish one single system of record for data.

Rules Engine

Configure automation rules for various business workflows.

Secure Platform

Secure you data using role-based access visibility of data and secure your transaction using AML and fraud detection natively built into the platform.

Data Stewardship

Empower data stewards to collaborate with stakeholders across the business. Assign roles and responsibilities so that stewards can more effectively protect, share and improve accountability and compliance.

Tera Everywhere

Access Tera everywhere with easy-to-use apps for any platform and device sizes.

Xperience New Age Banking

  • Connection without complexity
  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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