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TERA Cards

With TERA Cards, businesses can enjoy flexible and higher limits in all sorts of business cards while keeping the cards protected throughout the payment cycle. Manage your business spending cycle and cards smartly with TERA.

TERA platform helps businesses in making spend control and tracking easy as never before for all sorts of cards, ranging from- branded virtual card, branded physical card, un-branded virtual card, un-branded physical card, TERA branded virtual card, and TERA branded physical cards.

Corporate Physical cards

TERA gives you all the means to declutter you finance processes. Get access to numerous physical cards (branded and unbranded). Set limits as per your requirements and pace up your financial ecosystem in no time. On boarding is quick and management of cards is flawless with TERA physical cards.

Corporate Virtual Cards

Digitization of payments is one thing and security is another. Keep your focus on both with TERA virtual corporate cards. With TERA, get your cards lined up with a powerful spend management tool and request and approve payments/funds on real time basis.

Control your business spending cycle

TERA Cards allows businesses to control the business spending cycle and streamline the entire financing process to track the spending.

Manage cards remotely

Access all the cards remotely and easily approve or deny transactions online over the automated platform and save your time while staying out of the hassle.

Track spends in real-time

With TERA Cards, you can spend approvals, requests, and other relevant spend information so that all the expenses are pre-approved before the users carry out card purchases.

Smart receipt capturing

Businesses can allow their employees to upload receipts over the advanced TERA platform in a hassle-free manner and save their time and effort.

Gain valuable insights

TERA Cards ensure full transparency so that you get full control and receive real-time insights into the employees’ spending patterns and card payments cycle.

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