Spend Management

Monitor Your Spends & Control Your Costs Seamlessly

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All-in-one & Centralized Spend Management Solution

TERA enables you with a robust spend management tool that’ll give you the power to have an effective control over your corporate spend.

Navigate with ease & control spend with TERA-powered centralized spend management system. Monitor your gross sales with the real-time spend data alerts and avoid overspending right away.

Spend analytics

Gain wider visibility into your spending habits and optimize your future spending as per your business strategy.

Unified experience

Get through the next-gen and automated spend management lifecycle in a few taps of a button.

Control card spend

Get full access to set spend limits, manage card status, and transaction limits.

Automated accounting

As soon as the transaction occurs, receipts can be uploaded and processed automatically.

Minimize frauds

Set spend limits and ensure no scope of fraud exposures at all.

Valuable insights

Navigate previous expenses and receive valuable insights about the spending patterns

Strategic Automated Accounting

Leverage the power of automation for your entire financial ecosystem. Shove aside the traditional and tedious paperwork format and save your time.

AP/AR Automation

Keep Tabs on Your Recurring Payments

With the solutions powered by TERA, keep track of your various recurring payments. Issue virtual cards for each payment and assign budget accordingly.

Our Virtual cards Solutions

Validate Invoices Quickly

TERA-powered solution for payments enables you to review invoices digital to leave no margin for error before approving the request. Our SE-Invoice/OCR Solutions

Xperience New Age Banking

  • Connection without complexity
  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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