Procurement workflows

Digitalized procurement solutions to
optimize your business workflows

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Digitalized procurement solutions to optimize your business workflows

TERA offers an automated and digital procurement system that helps enterprises manage approvals, buying, payments, compliance, and other important workflows on a global basis. Our procurement workflows help you in optimizing your business processes with seamless integration into your existing system.

With our advanced solutions, you can expect an automatic conversion and validation of your messages to the desired formats while ensuring end-to-end operational excellence and rich data quality. Businesses can get active control and improve their global spend and consolidate all the manual processes to minimize the risks and errors.

Smart approval flows

TERA’s procurement workflow solutions build smart approval flows that ensure that negotiated savings reach your bottom line.

Valuable insights into procurement processes

Digitalize your procurement processes with our advanced solutions to gain control over your global spending and receive valuable and real-time insights into your complete procurement workflow.

Digitalized procurement workflow

With our digitalized procurement workflow, businesses can manage buying, payments, compliance, approvals in a hassle-free and automated manner.

Greater efficiency

Integrate your buying and accounts payable systems to build improved efficiencies and strengthen compliance and control among buyers, vendors, and accounts payable.

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