Terabiz Platform

TeraBiz Platform is Next Gen end-to-end business productivity platform. It offers seamless view of your entire business operations. TeraBiz Platform can help your business multiply its business productivity by connecting all of your business operations and process flows.TeraBiz can eliminate manual intervention and reduce your costs exponentially by reducing the buying cycles, cutting supply costs and lower the processing costs.

Cloud Architecture

TeraBiz platform's cloud technology is built to work hand in hand with the world class capabilities of Amazon Web Services.


Always-On and Anywhere availability including web and mobile access is one of the core features of TeraBiz.

Data Security

Keep your data private, safe and accessible at all times thanks to the best procedures and practices of TeraBiz.


TeraBiz is built on APIs and the same APIs are publicly availble for Integrating with any system in your organization.

What we offer

TeraBiz Products

Whether you are a small business selling goods/services or a large enterprise with a need to manage your procurement needs in realtime or a lending provider who offers business credit solutions, you are in safe hands with TeraBiz products

  • Offer integrated experience for suppliers while managing supply chain activities
  • Enable Enterprises to manage purchase-to-pay, demand and spending, giving you the control and insights you need.
  • Offer credit solutions with advanced AML and Fraud detection features.
Explore More
Explore More
TeraBiz Cloud

Enable businesses to automate and manage sales to accounting workflows

TeraBiz Pro

Enable enterprises to manage and automate procure-to-pay workflows with built-in demand and spend controls

TeraBiz Credit

Offer credit based solutions to all business with advanced AML and fraud detection capabilities

Use Cases

Use TeraBiz for

Supplychain Automation

Research shows that company spend significant amount of time, resources and money in sending Indents, receiving purchase order quote, invoices, shipping and payment. TeraBiz can eliminate the manual intervention and reduce your costs exponentially by reducing the buying cycles, cutting supply costs and lower the processing costs

  • Streamline your entire buying and settlement process using automated processes.
  • Keep vendor master data current through supplier self-service information management in the cloud.
  • 360 analysis of supplier performance based on transactions and collaboration and mitigate your supply chain risk
  • Send RFQs for potential purchases and get quotes from other suppliers in the network and select the best quote.

Enable Marketplaces

Managing B2B and B2C is one on one single platform is a big challenge for Suppliers.TeraBiz offers support for Multi-channel/multi-warehouse and provide control tower capabilities.

  • Single control tower to manage both B2B and B2C transactions.
  • Instantly enable client portal for B2B and create beautiful B2C portals using single dashboard.
  • Set approval chain for routing orders and inventory requests
  • Automate Account Receivables by enabling payment options in the portals.

Salesforce Automation

TeraBiz offer connected experience across groups within the organization. With Mobile CRM and Field sales management capabilities, TeraBiz helps businesses stay agile and efficient.

  • Dashboard for managers to set targets and manage schedule for saleforce.
  • Mobile apps for Field sales executives giving access to CRM and Sales Funnel management capabilities.
  • Collaboration capabilities for managing leads, tasks and sales
  • Approval routing for various workflows involving sales management

Demand and Spend Controls

Enterprise managers are held accountable for regulating the optimal budget controls for teams and divisions within the organization. TeraBiz offers dashboards for demand as well as spending need and offers fine grained controls to manage these aspects

  • Mange enterprise wise procurement needs in single platform
  • Set spending limits by groups/divisions
  • Sync the transactions with downstream systems.
  • Vendor self onboarding with vendor ratings capability

Procure-to-Pay Automation

Procure-to-Pay process is filled with a huge amount of paperwork, back and forths, process gaps, compliance issues, and time-consuming tasks. TeraBiz helps businesses streamline and automate these workflows.

  • Vendor onboarding and contract management
  • Discover, connect and collaborate with new vendors.
  • Access product catalogs from vendors.
  • Internal enterprise portal for requisition process.
  • Automate Accounts Payable for all vendor invoices.


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