What is TeraBiz?

TeraBiz is a cloud based next generation Business Management Software-as-a-Service. Our mission is to help businesses multiply their business productivity. Our suite of products built on TeraBiz Platform can help businesses increase their sales and outreach to their customers. Our products are design to help your business re-gain focus on their customers.

How does TeraBiz help your business increase sales?

TeraBiz empowers managers to make their sales teams be more productive by keeping track of various front office activities in sales process. It offers tools for sales and back office teams to manage sales on the go. Sales team can manage customers, products and order and invoices on the go. It makes your sales teams more agile and revenue recognition faster while keeping your customers happy.

Is my company's data safe and secure in the cloud?

Your data security is our number one prority. From the time you create your company's profile, add users, create product catalogs, customers, purchase orders, invoices, all you data is 100% secure.We use 2048-bit encryption for any access to the website.

How much does it cost?

TeraBiz products offer fair and transparent pricing. Many features are configurable and customizable and the pricing would vary based on these factors.

Can I evaluate TeraBiz for free before making a decision?

Absolutely. TeraBiz offers free trail period. Please contact our sales team to talk more about your requirements.

Do you offer on-premise solution for TeraBiz?

Yes, we do offer on-premise solutions. Please contact our sales team to talk more about your requirements.