Expense Management

In-detailed Expense Reporting For Quick Cost Mitigation

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TERA-Powered Expense Management Tool

Get a new outlook on the way you manage your company’s expenses. We made sure to cover all the tenets to transform your transactional data into meaningful insights for effective expense management with our human-centric approach.

Get Full Control On Your Credit Line

Forget the line “spend now, ask forgiveness later” with TERA-powered expense management. Get in control of your credit line and, with an enforceable budget, streamline all your corporate expenses.

Real-time Notifications & Easy Invoice Uploads

We encourage you in stopping wastage of time in reconciling expense statements. With our solution, you’ll get simple reimbursements and easy categorization with an insightful dashboard at your disposal.

Keep Recurring Subscriptions In Line

With our virtual-first approach, keep all your recurring subscriptions secure to the vendor. Set the desired limit to every card and keep overcharging at bay. You can also freeze the transaction if deemed suspicious.

Live Transaction Dashboard & Instant Data Review

Get the power to review all transactions on a real-time basis right in front of your dashboard. Review every transaction and export them to your accounting software seamlessly.

E-Invoicing For Quick Payment Approvals

TERA Platforms gives you an edge with its e-invoicing feature for you to quickly process the payment requests.

Our Payments Solutions

Secure Payments, Minimizes Frauds

Detect potential payment frauds with centralized system that will give you real-time alerts on all sorts of payments to take timely actions.

Our AML/KYC Solutions

Capture Invoices From Any Devices

Get your invoices captured and uploaded from all devices to extract, categorize, and augment necessary details for quicker responses.

SE-Invoices/OCR Solutions

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  • Connection without complexity
  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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