Corporate Virtual Cards

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Corporate Virtual Cards

Digitization of payments is one thing and security is another. Keep your focus on both with TERA virtual corporate cards. With TERA, get your cards lined up with a powerful spend management tool and request and approve payments/funds on real time basis.

Redefining Online Spending Experience

We ensure best outcomes with TERA-powered virtual cards. Manage all your spending with range of branded and unbranded virtual corporate cards.

Easy & Quick Payment Approvals

TERA makes it super easy for you to create quick spend requests with instant approvals after required scrutiny. We help your organization to setup a super secure financial ecosystem with minimum risks.

Simple Dashboard to Capture Receipt Automatically

Enable your employees to submit supporting documents for their spends via feature-rich dashboard and manage all requests at one place.

Authoritative Automated Accounting

Automate the mundane accounting tasks by integrating with well recognized accounting systems and save time for your productive tasks.

Dynamic Card Limits

Better Spend Management
Leverage the next-gen TERA platform to get complete control of corporate physical cards in your business.

Our Spend Management Solution

AI-powered Procurement Workflows

Take insights from procurement workflows for quick and smart business decisions without hampering your work processes.

Our Procurement Workflow

Avoid Frauds In Few Clicks

TERA-powered solutions’ meticulous design empowers your organization to detect spend frauds in the early stages so that you can avoid it in a timely manner.

Our AML/KYC Solutions

Xperience New Age Banking

  • Connection without complexity
  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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