Corporate Physical Cards

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Corporate Physical cards

TERA gives you all the means to declutter you finance processes. Get access to numerous physical cards (branded and unbranded). Set limits as per your requirements and pace up your financial ecosystem in no time. On boarding is quick and management of cards is flawless with TERA physical cards.

Better streamlining

TERA enables you to manage and control your business spending cycle without missing anything. Streamline and get control over your business by issuing physical cards to your enterprise employees who need to spend offline.

Monitor spend controls

TERA allows you to use spend approvals, requests, and other important spend information to ensure all the expenses are pre-approved before people carry out card purchases.

Set limits

You can set a specific budget for every corporate physical card before issuing it. Setting spend limits over an automated platform helps you avoid overspending and unauthorized vendor charges.

Hassle-free receipt capturing

The workforce who regularly uses corporate physical cards can easily upload receipts over the advanced TERA platform and save their time and effort.

TERA-Branded & Unbranded Physical Cards

TERA collaborated with global leaders to provide you with branded and unbranded physical corporate cards for your varied spend needs.

Get complete control

Leverage the next-gen TERA platform to get complete control of corporate physical cards in your business.

Limit fraud exposure

Budget the corporate physical cards in your way- set limits on the company spends and minimize fraud exposure.

Real-time insights

Receive instant notifications and improved visibility of every individual transaction and get insights into the employees’ spending patterns.

Xperience New Age Banking

  • Connection without complexity
  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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