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Identifying major spend management challenges and solving them


Praveen Sudha

February 9, 2021

No two businesses ever had the same spending patterns and have diverse spend management requirements that vary from time to time. Spend management is the foremost factor that decides the financial health of a business. Spend management is a lot more than budgeting and comprises expense reports, budgets, approval and controls, informed usage of the resulting data, and spending methods. And as the business scales, managing spend might become challenging and complicated to tackle. In that case, every business owner and the major decision-makers must be aware of the common spend management challenges and learn how we can solve them perfectly. Here is a dropdown that covers the major spend management challenges and the ways to address them. Utilizing old data  Out of all the major challenges, the most common spend management challenge is utilizing old data and expected positive results out of it. And without real-time and valuable data insights, it becomes a daunting task for identifying useful expenses. The traditional ways of expense management operate with spending information, which is usually old, like a month or so and makes it difficult to understand what your money is doing for your business. So, get to understand the facts after a long time and with this delay, you fail to get an idea about your business's financial health. Well, at that point, knowing what is being spent and getting its details in real-time can solve the majority of the problems faced by businesses. Isn't it? TERA products can assist you in tracking your expenses in real-time, where you can track every individual purchase and know whenever a purchase is carried out. So, in case your business member uses the company cards and make transactions that are exceeding the budget set for him, your finance team will get to know about it right away. With this, the finance team will stay informed and you can accordingly increase the limits or take appropriate actions. Poor monitoring & budgeting for spending Organizations quite often face the challenge of monitoring and budgeting for indirect and tail spend with no clear budget or department. At this point, you have a lot to do while assigning and updating every individual budget. And as spend isn't linked to the budget, the budgets turn out to be pointless. Rather than reining in spend for matching the budget, you'll have to tailor the budget for meeting the previous month's spend. To address this issue, businesses must rely on smart cards that seamlessly process within the approved and set budget. Prior to spending, an expense requires a category in the first place and expenses are attributed to a suitable budget right away. Unawareness of employees spending When the finance managers sit back at the end of the quarter or month, most of them are usually surprised by the expenses they never noticed- may it be the meals with a client, or some other subscriptions got renewed recently, and so on. So much of the expenses that go unnoticed during this time makes it difficult for them to manage the budget with these unexpected transactions that weren't under anyone's notice. Rather than struggling with these surprises every now and then, counting on advanced and automated spend management system like TERA can keep your covered while giving your real-time updates of every expense and transactions that are being made by your business members. Whether it is a minor transaction or a huge transaction, not a single transaction will go unnoticed and you can avoid the last-minute surprises. So you stay out of the hassle while going as per the budget strategy you had planned for a particular quarter or month and run the expenses smoothly. Tracking spend patterns  Businesses have a tough time analyzing and tracking their business spending throughout their business because they are still stuck with traditional methods to track their business spending. With the manual methods, you have a lot to work upon, like- analyzing the spending habits, making decisions of where you can cut spending, tracking and enforcing new budgets, and compiling results and analyzing outputs. So, you have a lot on your to-do list if you continue sticking to traditional methods, which demand a lot of time, attention, effort, and resources. Moreover, there is a lack of valuable and actual insights that closely understand spending habits. And all this can't be carried out unless you have a set of the right tools. TERA enables businesses to analyze and track their spending patterns by automating the entire spending system of businesses. Integrated with the system of analytics, finance managers and the decision-makers of a business can easily and accurately make critical financial decisions and make accurate and wise decisions backed by real-time and valuable data. Curious to learn more about how TERA can take improve your spend management system? Connect with our experts today and we'll guide how our advanced products will take your business to new heights overnight!

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