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Automate & digitalize your accounts
payable process with our AP/AR automation

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Automate & digitalize your accounts payable process with our AP/AR automation

Our next-gen cloud-based AP/AR automation solution helps businesses to capitalize on the document and cash flow management for better vendor relationships and ensure next-level security throughout your business process. With TERA solutions, you can turn your entire invoice process digital and automate the entire process in a few clicks of a button.

Leveraging our advanced AR automation helps in transforming traditional AR functions into digital and automated processes. The smart solution can simplify the workflow management lifecycle and improve your business relationships in the long run. Our AP/AR solutions are equipped with integrated payments that support virtual cards, ACH, wire, and domestic and international checks & easily integrate with ERP & accounting software.

Streamlined invoice approval process

Streamline your complete invoice approval process by adding a layer of validation to all the invoices prior to uploading them. With TERA solutions, you get automatic invoice validation, automatic invoice correction, and a lot of other features to streamline your invoice approval process.

Automated payment processing

The advanced AR solutions ensure that everything about the payment processing can be automated in a hassle-free manner- from reviewing payments, entering records in the ledger to transferring sums to different accounts.

Rapid invoice approvals

TERA solutions identify the errors and fix them before the submission and the invoice data is forwarded to the approver’s inboxes right away. This ensures you save a lot of time and effort and receive error-free outputs.

All digital formats acceptable

Another benefit of TERA powered AP/AR solutions is that vendor invoices submission can be made in any desired format- from email, mail, file, to all other digital formats.

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