Reduce Risk Significantly & Comply with AML/KYC Regulations

TERA-powered solution with a range of versatile features covers fraud
prevention, anti-money laundering, KYC, and more.

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Compliance With Regulatory Requirements Is Now Easy

AML/KYC solutions include next-gen applications for effective and accurate fraud detection and reputational risk mitigation. TERA empowers you with a comprehensive AML/KYC lifecycle management tool for consistent compliance with all necessary measures while addressing regulatory imperatives.

By leveraging the power of AI and ML-based features, TERA designed its solution to monitor silos of data with an additional layer of protection. With this right mix of features, you can accurately detect financial frauds and reduce friction.

Real-Time Detection Is The Real Deal

AOur solution is focused on sending instant alerts based on any suspicious activity that enables you to make quick decisions on either blocking or releasing the transaction.

Intelligent Solution Never Lets You Chase False Positives

With the sheer accuracy of TERA AML/KYC solutions in financial crime detection, your team can focus on the real investigations rather than wasting time on the false positives.

Smart & Structured Workflow-based Approach

TERA gives you a structured workflow-based approach that will transform your process to be more time-effective, resource-effective, and cost-effective that will enhance your overall business model.

Scalable To Adapt To Frequent Regulatory Changes

Our solutions aren’t limited to just a specific set of regulations. These solutions are scalable for all sudden regulatory changes, which, in return, will speed up your onboarding process and overall efficiency.

Get Better Control On Your Expenses

Our expense management solution empowers you with data models that will help you identify and mitigate redundant expenses.

Our Expense Management Solution

ML-Based Procurement Workflows

Our Procurement workflow solution gives you data-oriented insights which enables you to materialize productive and secure workflows.

Our Procurement Workflow

Streamline Your Payment Channels

TERA-powered solution for payments automate the entire process for quick payment requests and approvals and decrease your bill reconciliation period.

Our Payments Solutions

Xperience New Age Banking

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  • Spend smarter and scale faster
  • Increase ROI
  • Gain peace of mind

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